The Orchestra
Geoffrey Boyd

The-Orchestra aims to give emotionally satisfying performances.

As Sir Thomas Beecham said: " It's easy - you just get the orchestra to play with the maximum of virility combined with the maximum of delicacy."

The-Orchestra is the reinvention of the virtuoso chamber orchestra, revisiting the core repertoire from Bach to Stravinsky. 

Since the beginning of hi-fidelity recording in the 1950's, musicians have been under more and more pressure to produce recordings that are 'perfect' - recordings that will bear repeated listening. This has led to musicians playing in an increasingly careful way. Many conductors of stature produced recordings that were the result of a large number of takes edited together to make a 'perfect' result. Unfortunately, perfect often means soulless. This careful approach has also carried over into the concert hall with many performances being excellent readings of the notes, but with little of the joy and intensity that great music needs.

The-Orchestra plays with the joie de vivre that characterized the performances of the pre hi-fi era.

The-Orchestra is a 30 piece chamber orchestra, based in London. 
As well as performances in the capital, The-Orchestra tours England and further afield.

Geoffrey Boyd , Conductor,
studied conducting in his native Australia and at the 'Mozarteum' in Salzburg. 

He has conducted Opera in Australia and England, Brass Ensembles in the USA and Germany and Choral music in South Africa.


Catrin Johnsson
 -Mezzo Soprano

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André Caplet-Divertissement

2 minutes 3MB  mp3 file

Wolfgang Mozart - Allegro from Symphony No.29

7 minutes 10MB  mp3 file
Gustav Mahler -'Oft denk' ich' from 'Kindertotenlieder'.  
                               Catrin Johnsson-Mezzo Soprano
3 minutes 4MB  mp3 file

Pyotr Tchaikovsky - Finale from Serenade for Strings, Op.48

7 minutes 9MB  mp3 file

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